Night In: Girl's Shopping Circle

Night In: Girl's Shopping Circle


We've gathered all the recs you need to have a perfect night in shopping with the girls.

The Vibe:

A handmade lace skirt for your wine glass from the dynamo sisters of Gohar World next to a centerpiece of banskia flowers (@tanyataylor).

To Eat & Drink:

Munch on our highly addictive Spicy popcorn to keep you fueled for your shopping endeavors. Drink the Burgundy-meets-Oregon pinot noir from french winemaking royalty and very neat lady, Véronique Drouhin.


Shopping of course! We rounded up some things we've been eyeing.

1. Our Discovery Pack is universally day-brightening.

2. For the dog or cat lover, these marbled hair clips from Lolo

3. Isla whipped dream moisturizer is A+

4. Art to live by from our favorite Ms Cleo Wade.

5. Salter house corsets and house dresses (often modeled by a friend of the brand – Hi Sjournee!).

6. Mara Hoffman’s “popcorn” collection is a Beyonce favorite.

7. Our Blank Supply x Cheerie Lane bag is perfect for the corniest person you love

8. Eames building set for kids.

Conversation Prompt:

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?


Use the new app, Partiful, to send out get together details and info in a non-invasive way. It’s a major improvement to the old group chat.

xo, Kate