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Cheerie lane emotions magnet on silver steel fridge
cheerie lane branded magnet, cartoon, sticker, pin and fortune teller

"Mini" Emotions Magnet

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Express yourself! This Cheerie Lane exclusive comes with a magnet square featuring nine feelings and a magnetic indicator shaped in our logo. Place the cob on the popcorn emotion that matches your feeling. Ideal for checking in on yourself, letting your friends and family in on how you’re feeling, or even for teaching kids about emotions.

Dimensions: 4” height x 4” width with 1” circle

Mercantile items ship seperately from popcorn packs.

Heirloom kernels five generations in the making. They just taste better.

Customer Reviews

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This is the first decorative item I put up in my new place. I have it perpetually set on spicy.

Great magnet!

So fun to pick how I feel each day... especially when I'm hangry. Perfect size for my fridge.

If it’s not warm and freshly popped, we call it leftovers.