Girlfriends Holiday Shopping Circle

A handmade lace skirt for your wine glass from the dynamo sisters of Gohar World next to a centerpiece of banskia flowers (@tanyataylor).

Munch on our highly addictive Spicy popcorn to keep you fueled for your shopping endeavors. Drink the Burgundy-meets-Oregon pinot noir from french winemaking royalty and very neat lady, Véronique Drouhin.

1. Our Discovery Pack is universally day-brightening. 2. For the dog or cat lover, these marbled hair clips from Lolo 3. Isla whipped dream moisturizer is A+ 4. Art to live by from our favorite Ms Cleo Wade. 5. Salter house corsets and house dresses (often modeled by a friend of the brand – Hi Sjournee!). 6. Mara Hoffman’s “popcorn” collection is a Beyonce favorite. 7. Our Blank Supply x Cheerie Lane bag is perfect for the corniest person you love 8. Eames building set for kids.

Conversation Prompt: What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?

Use the new app, Partiful, to send out get together details and info in a non-invasive way. It’s a major improvement to the old group chat.