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Heirloom kernels five generations in the making.
They just taste better.

Cheerie Lane Popcorn Bowl Illustration

A moment of magic.

The anticipation as the smell fills the room, the first kernel popping, the warm bowl -- trust us, stovetop popcorn is worth the wait.

Cheerie Lane Farm Tractor Corn Illustration

From our farm to your bowl.

Non-gmo kernels, grown on our 5th-generation Iowa farm, paired with fresh ingredients means feel-good flavors for everyone in the family

Cheerie Lane Popcorn Ingredients Illustration Chilli Pepper Lemon Rosemary Garlic

Mix + match.

Our popcorn pods will make you a celebrated popcorn chef. Pair flavors to create delicious new combos and add the perfect finishing touch with simple kitchen staples.

If it’s not warm and freshly popped, we call it leftovers.