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Where did the name “Cheerie Lane” originate from?
Cheerie Lane Farms was the original name of the fifth-generation family farm in Iowa, from which the idea to develop a popcorn company is an offspring. Inspired by a robust family history of caring, family values, and fun.

Who started Cheerie Lane Popcorn?
Two cousins, Kate Greer and Brad Schulte, banned together to start the company based on a belief that popcorn is delicious and most people aren’t getting to have it in its most delicious form: a warm, homemade bowl that was made of heirloom kernels made with a healthy oil, and flavorful from-the-garden flavors. Made with people that you love in the way that fills your kitchen with the most wonderful smell and nucleates everyone in the kitchen as the anticipation of the popping begins! Like their grandma would make it on the Cheerie Lane farm for practically any occasion.

How do you pronounce Cheerie Lane?
Cheer(as in shout for joy!)-eee Lane... or just "fresher is better with a popcorn pod."

Where does the popcorn come from?
The popcorn is grown in Central Iowa by one of Cheerie Lane’s co-founders, Brad.

How do I enjoy Cheerie Lane popcorn?
You’ve never had anything like a “popcorn pod” before! We’ve combined the heirloom kernels, healthy oil base, and fresh ingredients in perfect proportions that make it fun and easy to make. Here’s our How to Pop page guide that includes the simple steps to prepare your warm, homemade bowl of popcorn! Season to taste or follow our “add your touch” guide to take the flavors up a notch.

Can I bite into the pod?
No, stop! Biting into the pod will hurt. We recommend unwrapping our popcorn pod and placing it in a pot over the stove to enjoy fresh popped popcorn.

Can I microwave the popcorn?
Absolutely! Our popcorn pods work well in the microwave with the right setup. Take your pod out of the wrapper and place it in a heatproof bowl and cover with a lid or a plate, or use one of the many silicone or glass microwave popcorn poppers. Microwave on high, staying very close by, until popping slows to 3-5 seconds between pops at which point you should hit stop. There's more info on popping your pods on our How to Pop page page.

Do your popcorn pods work with popcorn poppers?
We haven’t tested all of the available popcorn poppers out there, but we sure have tried a lot of them – whirling poppers for the stovetop, plug-in versions, and the vintage movie theater versions even – and they tend to work really well with our pods as long as they’re suited to work with oil. Air poppers may cause some issues. One thing to note is serving size: Each of our pods is meant to make the FDA-recommended snack size, which is about the size of a cereal bowl when popped. Most popcorn poppers are meant to make quite a lot more popcorn than that! No problem – just use a few pods. In fact, use it as an opportunity to mix and match flavors!

How much does each popcorn pod make?
Our serving size for each pod is the FDA recommended serving size of popcorn – think bigger than a snack size bag of popcorn but smaller than a heaping cereal bowl full. For a snack, one pod is perfect. If you’re extra hungry, sharing a bowl with a loved one, or making popcorn for dinner – no judgment here - we would recommend using two pods. If it’s family movie night, take it up a notch to 3 or 4 pods, which provides a great opportunity to mix and match flavors (e.g. butter and rosemary garlic or tone the spicy down by pairing with butter). Just make sure that you use a bigger pot if you’re going to pop more pods!

Are your products vegan?
Every flavor except Butter is vegan and dairy free. None of our flavors contain meat.

Do your products contain any allergens?
Our popcorn is nut free, meat free and gluten free. With the exception of our butter flavor, which is real butter, our product is dairy free. We use simple ingredients that are highlighted on each product’s page. While we hand make each popcorn pod, we do not produce at a nut-free facility at this time.

My popcorn didn't arrive in one piece, can I still use it?
Absolutely! Our popcorn will still pop, just follow the same directions. But, don't hesitate to reach out to let us know they came broken. We want you to have the full pod experience!

My popcorn pods melted in the package, can I still use it?
Sorry to hear that. The melting point of the popcorn pods is about 97 degrees fahrenheit, which makes shipping in the summer tricky and can sometimes lead to melting if not handled carefully by the mail provider or if left outside, which is why we highly recommend getting your box into a cool place as soon as you receive it. While a melted pod is certainly not as pretty as the original version, they do work just the same. Having said that, we would so appreciate if you let us know that they melted by emailing We want you to have the pretty and delicious version : )

How should I store my popcorn and how long do they stay good?
Please store your Cheerie Lane box in a cool, dry place like the pantry. You won’t want to leave them in your car on a hot day or your popcorn pods may melt! In fact, it’s a good idea to watch your delivery notice carefully and get them inside as soon as possible, especially in the summertime. Once in a cool, dry place, your popcorn pods are delicious for at least a year!

What is the shipping policy?
Due to shipping delays, some products may take up to 3 weeks to ship. Standard (non-holiday) shipping typically takes between 2 - 4 days for popcorn and 5 - 10 for our “mercantile” items once shipped. You will receive a notification when your order has been received, when it has shipped, when it’s out for delivery and when it arrives. If a shipping delay exists, we will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible. If you need it sooner, email and we're happy to find the best way to get it to you.

How do I track my package?
You’ll get a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number once the order has been shipped or create an account to be able to follow your package’s progress.

What is the return policy?
We stand behind our popcorn and want you to love them as much as we do. If you're not happy with your Cheerie Lane purchase, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund. To get started, please email with your order information.

What is my pod wrapped in?
100% post-consumer recycled material. Please give it another life and recycle the wrapper as well as the box.

Do you offer wholesale partnerships?
If you’re interested in carrying our popcorn pods, email us at with your information and we’ll chat!

Why is your popcorn more expensive than other brands?
While we strive to be at a price point that makes our popcorn accessible to anyone who wants to try it, the truth is that our popcorn is expensive to make because of our commitment to high quality ingredients and manufacturing methods. We start with non-gmo heirloom kernels, grown by hand on the farm using organic methods, free of pesticides and individually inspected. We use cacao butter, which is a much healthier and a more antioxidant rich base than the traditional hydrogenated oils used to pop popcorn. It’s also one of the most expensive. (It also tastes way better, in our humble opinion.) We use real, from-the-garden ingredients, like lemons, rosemary and jalapeños instead of “natural flavors” and preservatives. Finally, each perfectly portioned popcorn pod by hand is wrapped in sustainable materials before being delivered to your doorstep.

Do you offer custom popcorn pods?
We have a few hidden talents -- if you’re interested in customizing a popcorn pod, please email us at with your request and we’ll chat.

Popcorn jokes? Questions? Comments?
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