How can we help?

Where did the name “Cheerie Lane” originate from?
Cheerie Lane Farms was the original name of the fifth-generation family farm, from which the idea to develop a popcorn company is an offspring. Inspired by a robust family history of caring, family values, and fun.

How do you pronounce Cheerie Lane?
Cheer-e Lane... or just "fresher is better with a popcorn pod."

Where does the popcorn come from?
The popcorn is grown in Central Iowa by one of Cheerie Lane’s co-founders.

How do I enjoy Cheerie Lane popcorn?
Refer to our How to Pop page for the simple steps! Season to taste or follow our “add your touch” guide to add some flavour.

Can I bite into the pod?
No, stop! Biting into the pod will hurt. We recommend unwrapping our popcorn pod and placing it in a pot over the stove to enjoy fresh popped popcorn.

Can I microwave the popcorn?
Although we highly recommend enjoying our popcorn pods over a stovetop, you can refer to our How To page to find out how.

Are your products vegan?
Every flavor except Butter.

My popcorn didn't arrive in one piece, can I still use it?
Absolutely! Our popcorn will still pop, just follow the same directions. But, don't hesitate to reach out to let us know they came broken. We want you to have the full pod experience!

What is the shipping policy?
We aim to ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving as each Cheerie Lane order is carefully packed by one of our team members. If a shipping delay exists, we will notify you as soon as possible. Standard shipping typically takes 3-4 business days. If you need it sooner, email and we're happy to find the best way to get it to you.

How do I track my package?
You’ll get a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number once the order has been shipped.

What is the return policy?
We stand behind our popcorn and want you to love them as much as we do. If you're not happy with your Cheerie Lane purchase, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll issue a full refund. To get started, please email with your order information.

What is my pod wrapped in?
100% post-consumer recycled. Please give it another life and recycle the wrapper.

Do you offer wholesale partnerships?
If you’re interested in carrying our popcorn pods, email us at with your information and we’ll chat!

Do you offer custom popcorn pods?
We have a few hidden talents -- if you’re interested in customizing a popcorn pod, please email us at with your request and we’ll chat.

Popcorn jokes? Questions? Comments?
We especially love to hear about your experience and are always looking to improve our product.