Welcome to Cheerie Lane

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From Our Farm to Your Bowl

It all started on the fifth-generation family farm in the center of Iowa.

Cousin (and co-founder) Brad harvests non-GMO heirloom popcorn kernels that is the secret to the deliciousness.

We source the best ingredients. Simple, healthy and recognizable. The freshest ingredients = tastiest popcorn.

We dreamed up our patent-pending popcorn pods in the lab. We designed and redesigned to create the perfect-every-time popcorn pod.

Served up in cute and sustainable packaging, designed with love and delivered to your door.

Popcorn done well is a stay up later, laugh a little louder experience. Popcorn brings us together.

Female Founded

Born from a lineage of strong women, including our moms who are two of five sisters, we are proud to be a female-led, female-majority company. We celebrate the women who made us and everything they’ve taught us as we [make and share] uncompromisingly good popcorn.

Conscious Packaging

We don’t like having to compromise, so we set out to minimize our footprint while maximizing your popcorn experience by searching high and low for eco-friendly packaging options. As we grow, we are committed to continuing to limit our footprint and improve the sustainability of our practices and the materials we use.