Welcome to Cheerie Lane


It all started on the fifth-generation family farm in the center of Iowa. Kate and Brad, cousins and co-founders, developed a new way to make their favorite snack: popcorn.

Brad harvests non-GMO heirloom popcorn kernels, farmed organically, that are the secret to the deliciousness.

We source the best ingredients. Simple, healthy and recognizable. The freshest ingredients = tastiest popcorn.

We dreamed up our popcorn pods in the lab. We designed and redesigned to create the perfect-every-time popcorn pod.

Served up in cute packaging, designed with love and delivered to your door.

Popcorn done well is a stay up later, laugh a little louder experience. Popcorn brings us together.

Female Founded

Born from a lineage of strong women, we are proud to be a female-led, female-majority company. We celebrate the women who made us and everything they’ve taught us as we make (and share!) uncompromisingly good popcorn.

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