Butter Pack
Butter Pack
Butter Pack
Butter Pack
Butter Pack
Butter Pack
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Made with real butter and heirloom kernels. For the lover of classic butter, and all the wonderful memories that come with it.  For someone who appreciates the benefits of the cacao butter base versus the standard oils -- no squeeze pump mystery butter here! Simple perfection as is or the ideal base to let your popcorn chef skills shine.

Our all-in-one popcorn pod, grown on our fifth-generation family farm in Iowa, will transform your next bowl of popcorn into a fun, feel-good experience.

Each box includes 3 Butter Pods, 9 servings.

Since our pods are made with a similar process to a fancy chocolate bar, they are susceptible to melting under high temperatures. We recommend storing your pods in a cool, dry place as soon as you get them. If your pods do melt on their way to your pot, don’t worry, they’ll still pop a delicious bowl of popcorn.

Our pods combine a healthy cacao base, delicious flavors, and heirloom kernels in the perfect proportions so that you can magically pop a luscious bowl of popcorn without the hassle.

Our popcorn pods are a bit more expensive to make because of our commitment to high quality ingredients and manufacturing methods. We only use the best heirloom kernels, cacao butter, and the freshest herbs and spices for our pods. Sure, you can make the popcorn that comes in a bag, but try our popcorn pods and you’ll taste and feel the difference.

Easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Take the pod out of the wrapper and place it in your pot.
2. After setting your stovetop to medium, cover the pot with a lid but make sure a little steam can escape.
3. Stay close to watch the pod melt and transform into a warm bowl of popcorn!
If you want to see how we make it, go to our How To Pop page which includes fun ways to “add your touch” to take our flavors up a notch.

Absolutely! While designed to pop on the stove, our popcorn pods work well in the microwave with the right setup. Be sure to take your pod out of the wrapper, place in a heatproof bowl and cover with a lid or a plate, or use one of the many silicone or glass microwave popcorn poppers.

Each three-pack contains three individually wrapped pods. Each pod makes three FDA-recommended servings of popcorn (about one cereal bowl). Pop the whole pod to make a big bowl or break it up to make smaller servings and save the rest for later.

Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Vegan Flavors • Nothing Artificial • Healthy Cacao Butter Base • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Vegan Flavors • Nothing Artificial • Healthy Cacao Butter Base • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Vegan Flavors • Nothing Artificial • Healthy Cacao Butter Base • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Vegan Flavors • Nothing Artificial • Healthy Cacao Butter Base •

“I grew up with fresh popcorn made daily by my grandma and those microwave bags really don’t hit the spot. After learning about and trying Cheerie Lane, I am hooked.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mary B.
This Popcorn Checks ALL the Boxes!!!

Tried my first box of Cheerie Lane Popcorn in the butter flavor. The popcorn pops up nice and fluffy with just the right butter flavor with VERY few seeds left unpopped. I was so happy to see that Cheerie Lane uses heirloom seed which they grow organically. It’s the perfect snack.

Brad S.

Butter Pack

Sofia O.

Cheerie Lane's butter popcorn is a delightfully indulgent treat that satisfies the craving for classic movie theater popcorn right at home. The kernels are generously coated in a rich buttery flavor that spreads with each bite, offering a perfect balance of salty and savory. The texture is crisp and light, ensuring each mouthful is a satisfying crunch. Whether enjoyed during a movie night or as a standalone snack, Cheerie Lane's butter popcorn is sure to please popcorn enthusiasts of all ages. Highly recommended for its irresistible taste and high quality ingredients!

Natalie J.
I love this butter popcorn!

I used to spend years eating microwave popcorn but stopped once I learned of the health effects from it. When I started making stovetop popcorn I struggled to replicate the same amazing buttery flavor of microwave popcorn. BUT this popcorn does hit that flavor and so much more. It’s beautifully buttery and light and pops SOOO easily. I love Cheerie Lane and will continue to buy popcorn from them

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