cheerie lane blank supply handmade handbag from vintage Iowa quilt with black leather detailing
Woman walking with quilted cheerie lane purse
"Blank Supply x Cheerie Lane" stitched inside the handbag

Blank Supply Handbag

Regular price$145.00

Keep your popcorn pods close at hand with this special handbag produced in collaboration with Blank Supply, a NYC-based artisan maker of one of a kind, handcrafted goods. The bag is made of a vintage quilt, sourced from Okoboji, Iowa, combined with leather detailing and clever popcorn ties.  Each handbag is distinctive, and patterns may vary slightly from the photos.

Dimensions: approximately 8" height x 6" width" x 4" depth

- No sugars, preservatives or unnatural flavors
- Gluten-free
- Non-GMO, Heirloom popcorn kernels

Butter: Cacao butter, popcorn kernels, salt, butter
Rosemary Garlic: Cacao butter, popcorn kernels, salt, rosemary, garlic
Spicy: Cacao butter, popcorn kernels, salt, jalapeño
Lemon Black Pepper: Cacao butter, popcorn kernels, salt, lemon, black pepper

Heirloom kernels five generations in the making. They just taste better.

If it’s not warm and freshly popped, we call it leftovers.